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The SJYLAX league has made changes to team breakdowns and ages are on a strict chart for teams this year. The Scoopers Division will be K/1st and 1st/2nd.  Newer 1st Graders will play in the younger Division and more experienced 1st Graders will play in the older Division.  Other Grade breakdowns are 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th.  Teams will begin practices in Late February (weather permitting).  The season will begin Friday, March 16th.  The 5th/6th A team and both 7th/8th teams play on Friday nights and Saturdays.  All other teams play round robins matches on Saturdays.  Teams will have 2-3 practices per week depending on the age level.

The K/1st and 1st/2nd teams will likely start practicing in later March as their season is structured differently. Games for these divisions will begin mid-April.  

Required Lacrosse Equipment: All Age Classifications 

The South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League requires each player to wear and participate with the appropriate equipment. Players are responsible for sourcing all of their own playing and protective gear which includes the following: lacrosse stick, lacrosse helmet, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse shoulder pads, lacrosse arm/elbow pads, and a mouth guard. 

For further information on the required lacrosse equipment, please visit:                                                                        

 Benefits of Renegades Lacrosse


The Medford Youth Athletic Association (MYAA) Renegades Boys Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting lacrosse at the youth level for families residing in Medford twp. and Medford lakes NJ.  We strive to develop strong fundamental skills and teamwork while adhering to the standards of sportsmanship, respect for all participants and a sense of fair play.

The goals of Renegade Lacrosse are as follows:

We have 7 primary objectives which we believe are equally important:


1. Help your child develop the skills necessary to be successful at this level and to prepare your child for his next season.

2. To have fun and have the kids develop a love for the game.

3. Learn about the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship - Honor the Game!

4. Give positive reinforcement based on effort rather than results.

5. Provide a safe and healthy environment for all participants.

6. To provide the best coaching available to all players at every level

7. To provide competitive programs focused on team play and advanced game strategies rather than individual achievement

Honor the Game

“Honoring the Game” gets to the ROOTS of the matter, where ROOTS stands for: 

Rules: We don’t bend the rules to win. 

Opponents: A worthy opponent is a gift that forces us to play to our highest potential. We will not demonize our opponents but will compete fiercely and respectfully.

Officials: Remember there are three teams on the field. We respect officials even if we disagree. 

Teammates: We will never do anything that would embarrass our team on or off the field. We will encourage all our teammates to get better. We will respect our teammates.

Self: We live up to our own standards regardless of what others do or say.

Renegades Boys Lacrosse strives to provide a fun and safe opportunity for boys to learn and experience lacrosse. We recognize that there are a wide variety of interests and skill levels among the children in every grade and aspire to foster a program and environment which allows each and every one of our youth players the chance to acclimate to the wonderful team sport of youth lacrosse and to improve to their full ability. All children in grades K – 8 are welcome, regardless of experience and skill level. It is our endeavor to provide each player with the appropriate level of instruction in basic skills, teamwork, game concepts and rules by participating in teaching clinics, practices, scrimmages and games between each other and surrounding towns.


For each season, the Renegades Boys Lacrosse will continue to focus on skill development at all levels. Experience has proven that all children will enjoy their lacrosse experience at a much higher level when they develop superior basic skills and the confidence that comes with it. Our dedicated coaches are a combination of experienced parent volunteers and paid coaches, depending upon grade level.


The volunteers who run Renegade Lacrosse are passionate about the sport and devote a lot of time and effort to share that passion with your children. Renegade Lacrosse has an outstanding tradition of excellence regardless of age or skill level. This is due to the integrity and character of our families, players, coaches, and volunteers at all levels. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to pass along the knowledge and traditions of our sport. Our coaches pledge to know each child, teach core fundamentals and to instill the love of the game so that everyone has fun. Our goal is to teach every player to respect their teammates, their opponents, game officials and fans. The players and their families that entrust us with that goal must understand the importance of patience, practice, and teamwork as they learn to play this wonderful game. We hope to instill a sense of team first, good sportsmanship and a respect for personal effort and improvement that transcends the game of lacrosse and enters the fabric of our children’s lives.


Any questions about our program or mission as stated above, please contact Bill Stoud at [email protected].

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Board of Directors
Executive Board:

Bill Stoud - President

Ethan Hasbrouck - Vice President 

LeeAnne Stoud - Treasurer

OPEN - Secretary

Candice Osmond, Fundraising

Deidre Kempf - Concessions

Adam Cummins - League Rep

Cheryl Tedesco- Equipment/Uniforms

Kristin Fitzgerald - Communications

Craig Berberich - At-Large

Dan Parks, At-Large

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