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Medford Youth Athletic Association (Medford, New Jersey)

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 U14 Division - Lady Renegades

Ages 13 and 14 (player can be 15 if she is still in 8th grade during the season, no high school attendees allowed).  These ages are important years for players to fine-tune their skills and understand the intricacies of the game in order to prepare for high school competition.   Players are expected to be committed to attending practices and games.  Teams will be formed by ability and playing time will be determined by attendance at practice, ability and effort.  Coaches are encouraged to involve all players throughout the season, however there is no guarantee on equal playing time on the most competitive teams.

Age Requirements: 2020 Spring Season

Participation in a U14 team is determined by the player's date of birth.  Any player born between September 1, 2005 and August 31, 2007 and not yet in high school, may play on a U14 team.  



In order to meet the requirements of South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League, all players are required to be current members of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse.  A link to US Lacrosse can be found on the helpful links page or by clicking their logo at the bottom of the page.


Teams usually practice 2 nights per week, and most practices will run about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The team's coaching staff will determine which days and how long the team will practice. 

Practice locations will be determined depending on field availability.

South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League Games

Normally scheduled SJYLAX games are held on Sundays, at a location in South Jersey.  The teams will play two games in a "Round Robin" format.  If necessary, make up games may be played in the evening during the week.  

The SJYLAX games begin late March and culminate with the year-end tournament in late May/early June.  Games are not scheduled during holiday weekends (Easter and Memorial Day).  Games will be played on Mother's Day!

League game schedules are set by SJYLAX.

Exhibition Games

During the season, exhibition games may be scheduled with local teams.  

Exhibition game schedules are set by the Commissioners and Coaching Staff.


Each team will participate in the SJYLAX Year-End Tournament.  

Additional tournaments may be added at the discretion of the Commissioners and Coaching Staff.  Any additional tournaments are not required for each team.  

Coaching Requirements

All coaches are required to complete the following:
  1. Background Check
  2. Rutgers Coaching Safety Certification
  3. Current Member of US Lacrosse, as a Coach

Head coaches at the A level are required to be a US Lacrosse - Level 1 Certified Coach, since the players will be playing full check, as well as the listed requirements above.  Coaches at the AB level are encouraged to get their Level 1 Certification as well.

The coaching staff participates in clinics and workshops throughout the year to improve their overall coaching ability as well as new and innovative methods to improve the skill level of our players.  We also strive to enhance the player experience by inviting lacrosse coaches from outside our program to work with our players on specific areas of the game (draws, goalie, defense, shooting).  

We encourage players who have graduated from our program, to return and assist the coaching staff as student coaches.  

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