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 About MYAA Girls Lacrosse


MYAA Girls Lacrosse is a TRAVEL program.  However, unlike other travel programs (i.e., soccer and basketball) there are NO CUTS.  Any girl, who wants to play, will not be turned away in our program.


Our teams play in the South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League.  This league has 22+ local programs participating from Avalon to Moorestown and from Northern Burlington to Woodstown.


In this league, players from U10, U12 and U14 are flighted based upon ABILITY.  This is done to give each player an opportunity to develop her lacrosse skills in a challenging environment with players of comparable skill level.





Our mission is to teach the sport of lacrosse to girls at the youth level and to promote our sport, our program and our players (past and present) in order to grow the game and build the program in our area.   





·               Teach the fundamentals of lacrosse in a safe and fun environment that fosters learning and competition.

·               Develop skilled players as a feeder program for the Shawnee High School Girls Lacrosse Team.

·               Instill TEAMWORK, personal responsibility, good sportsmanship on and off the field, and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials and the game.





U06 Scoopers. 
This is the starting point in lacrosse for players aged 6 and under (typically ages 5 and 6).  This age group is designed to introduce the basics of our game and build a foundation for future years.  In this program the girls will learn the rules of our game as well as how to scoop, cradle, throw, catch, etc…   The Scoopers will participate in scrimmages amongst themselves and very often against other programs to practice their skills in a fun “game like” setting.  At this level, all players are expected to have equal opportunities at practice and in games.


This division is for players ages 7 to 8.  For many players this is the first time they have played organized games against teams from other towns.  At the U8 level, SJYLAX does not flight teams based on ability.  We will try our best to make our U8 teams as balanced as possible.  Players continue to work on fundamental lacrosse skills while learning more about on field positioning and movement.  Playing time should be equal for all players at practices and games and players should be given an opportunity to try different positions during the course of the season.


This division is for players ages 9 and 10.  For the first time, players in this division will now be flighted as per SJYLAX rules.  We will hold evaluations for players at this age group and attempt to place each player in an environment that is challenging and gives her the best opportunity to develop her lacrosse skills in a competitive setting.  Basic lacrosse skills are still being reinforced along with game strategy and basic plays may be introduced.   Playing time should be equal for all players at practices and games and players should be given an opportunity to try different positions during the course of the season.


Ages 11 and 12.  At this level the game will become more competitive and teams will be formed by skill level.  Coaching reinforces lacrosse basics, strategy and may introduce structured plays and set positions.   At the highest flight (A), playing time will be determined by attendance, ability of the player and player effort.  At the AB and B level, it is expected that all players will have equal playing time over the course of the year.  No player should ever play an entire game unless the team doesn’t have substitutes or an injury prevents substitution.  This applies to all skill levels. 


Ages 13 and 14 (also player can be 15 if she is still in 8th grade during the season).  These ages are important years for players to fine-tune their skills and understand the intricacies of the game in order to prepare for high school competition.   Players are expected to be committed to attending practices and games.  Teams will be formed by ability and playing time will be determined by attendance at practice, ability and effort.  Coaches are encouraged to involve all players throughout the season, however there is no guarantee on equal playing time on the most competitive teams.

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