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Our program is a member of South Jersey Youth Lacrosse league (SJYLAX).   This league is comprised of over 22+ municipal youth lacrosse programs from all over South Jersey.

In order to give players the opportunity to compete at  a high - yet skill appropriate - level, SJYLAX will flight teams for ages U10, U12 and U14.

Many other travel programs in town (i.e. soccer and basketball) also conduct evaluations prior to their season starting.  However, unlike those programs, there are NO CUTS in our sport.  Any girl, who wants to play, will not be turned away in our program.


Our evaluations are held in order to form teams that give each player an opportunity to develop her lacrosse skills in a challenging environment with players of comparable skill level.

Evaluations will be held in early February often after 2 to 3 weeks of pre-season indoor clinics.

Evaluations have been/will be conducted by experienced coaches/evaluators including: middle school coaches, current and past high school coaches and/or current/past MYAA coaches.

Evaluation results for an individual player and where they ranked on an overall scale can be provided to the parents of that player upon written request.  However, MYAA confidentiality rules prohibits sharing scores of other players.


All U10, U12 and U14 players are expected to attend evaluations in order to be placed on a team.  

Players will be split into groups and evaluations will begin at a series of skills and drills stations, typically four or five stations.  The players will rotate between each station with a different set of evaluators at each.  Evaluators will have a check list of the skills/technique/abilities that should be displayed by a player at each skill station.

After all players have rotated through those stations, 3 v 2 drills and 5 v 5 drills will bring the groups together and test the players in "game like" situations.


Lacrosse Player Evaluations




  • Exceptional skills demonstrated
  • Top 5-10% of the group


  • Strong skills
  • Well above the average of the group


  • Average skills
  • Proficient, but does not stand out


  • Moderate to weak skills
  • Needs more work to develop skills
  • Could be a beginner that demonstrates strong athleticism and appears to be progressing at a fast pace


  • Weak skills
  • Lower 10% of the group
  • Beginner


What to Look For Overall (individual station criteria may vary):

Catching and Throwing:

  • Hand near top of stick when catching
  • Moves feet towards the pass when catching
  • Accurate passing
  • Ability to adjust to pass
  • Ability to perform these skills with dominant hand and off hand
  • Ground Balls:
  • Hand near top of stick to get low on scooping
  • Head over the ball when scooping
  • Runs thru the ball
  • Does not shy away if other players are around ball
  • Scoops with both hands
  • Individual Offense/Defense:
  • Dodging and Shooting Ability
  • Stick Protection
  • Good defensive positioning/Good balance
  • Ability to switch hands fluidly for cradling, passing, catching and scooping
  • Does not chase opponents stick
  • Uses appropriate checks (age level permitting)
  • Team Offense/Defense:
  • Understands the TEAM concept on OFFENSE & DEFENSE
  • Moves without ball to support teammates
  • Field awareness and vision.
  • Offense redefending. 
  • On defense, keeps eye on ball location as well as player they are covering
  • Slides/Bumps to support defense
  • Communication

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