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The winter clinic is once again being held at Pinelands Sports Center.  Dom Sebastiani, a 2X Pro Champ will be leading the clinic.  Dom has been running our clinic for the past few years, and he plans for more weekly progressions this year.   The Clinic will begin on January 6, 2018.  Not only will participants benefit from Dom's lacrosse knowledge and training but the clinic will lead right into evaluations giving participants an advantage in preparation.  

Evaluations for U15, U13, U11 and U9 will be held at Pinelands Sports Center on February 17 and 24, 2018  

U9, U11, U13 and U15 will begin practices in early March (weather permitting) and pre-season games will start in the latter half of the month.  The season kick off will likely start on Friday March 31st (not yet announced by league).  The season will consist of 2-4 pre-season games and 16 in-season games with at least 2 tournaments.  Teams will have 2-3 practices per week depending on the age level.

U7 Scoopers will begin practicing late March or early April and games will begin mid April.  Scoopers will have instruction from Renegades coaches as well as Erik Stilley, Shawnee's varsity coach and players.  Scoopers will have 12 games and a tournament.  Uniform will consist of a reversible pinnie, shorts, a shooter shirt and helmet decals.

 Benefits of Renegades Lacrosse


The overriding focus of the Spring Season for Renegades lacrosse is to develop the individual skills and team play for all of our players.  Often times, programs are so concerned with winning that they lose sight of player development.  This is a critical mistake that coaches, parents and players can overlook.  The reality is that if player development is ignored at the youth level, bad habits will take root and eventually catch up to the player.  This is most notable in club teams that essentially rely on one or two players to do all the work while the other players stand by watching.  While this make be successful at a young age due to the accelerated athleticism of certain players, this will eventually catch up to those players as teams begin to game plan and eliminate one dimensional teams.  Furthermore, the players who are often excluded from the run of play do not progress as they should, and only later on, realize this fact.  That will not happen with Renegades Lacrosse.  If the players commit themselves to practice, games and listening to their coaches,there is no doubt that player will make substantial progress as a player and teammate.  

Each player can then take that development to their summer tournament teams if they decide to take that next step.  Since these summer teams focus on tournament play, emphasis is less on player development and more on team cohesion.  Summer teams can be a great experience in taking that next step while not sacrificing player development during the Spring Season.  

Any questions about our program or mission as stated above, please contact Jay Scheets at [email protected]

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